Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zigzag Placemat

When I first saw the "Caution" quilt in Emily Herrick's Geared for Guys book, I thought it would make a great placemat.
Emily's original "Caution" quilt from her book

But with the deadline for my full-size quilt for the Geared for Guys blog hop fast approaching, that thought ended up on the back burner (you know, along with 65,000 other project ideas!). Recently I had some spare time and tried it out, using a bunch of cream and white tonals, and two gorgeous teal batiks.

Obviously I did a little math to reduce the size. :)
But I do think it's a perfect placemat design.

I just love the zigzag, finished with zigzag quilted lines.

However, the one drawback to making placemats, I'm realizing, is that they may be fast, but they're not just one and done! I need to make at least 3 more of these guys. (Which is easy to do, it's just that the other 65 million projects on the back burner are fighting for attention.)

Here are the top priorities from my back burner list:
1. Finish the half-pieced baby quilt for a friend's newborn
2. Quilt one of my UFOs for a cancer charity benefit
3. Start and finish a quilt for a friend's wedding (the wedding was Labor Day weekend, but you have  year to give a gift, right?!?!)

Time to get started on something else! For now, mismatched placemats it is. Besides, they go so nicely with leftovers and take-out, which are prime meal options during sewing frenzies!

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  1. That is great! Really clever! My to do list is too long for me to even think about!