Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gettin' Ready for Halloween

When I was a kid, my trick-or-treat bag was this cool 3-D pumpkin, complete with a lid and appliqued face. Mom made these for my sister and me. The last 3 years, my 3-year-old has used my old bag, as shown here in 2009.
(Don't be distracted by the adorable-ness of the little dragon...we're focusing on the pumpkin here.)

But now, my 3-year-old is one of 3 grandkids, and 2 bags don't divide evenly by 3. So I decided it was time to make my own. Mine are not nearly as elaborate or as detailed as the ones my mom made. I may tackle something more complex down the road, but short legs means bags dragging on the ground, which means simple=good.

We're going trunk or treating tomorrow night, both as a social event and a preview for next Wednesday's big haul. So I went fabric shopping yesterday. The selection wasn't all I envisioned, but they had a nice Halloween-y stripe, so I was happy. And candy corns for the lining, which is perfect, because both of my boys are addicted to candy corns. (After getting his single corn for dessert last night, the little one stood below the cupboard where the bag lives, panting and whining for more. I feel like I have a dog, not a toddler!)

Anyway, the bags:
Spiders and bats. A nice stripe. Candy corn lining. Simple boxed bottoms and extra-sturdy handles for hauling all the loot. And pumpkins, leaves and cornstalks for mood setting. Next up? I'm sewing a "leather" vest for the 3-year-old cowboy scarecrow. (Not a cowboy, not a scarecrow, but a cowboy scarecrow. I know. I'm not sure either.) The 1-year-old? He'll be slaying hearts in the dragon costume pictured above. Can't wait!

Anyone else working on Halloween projects/costumes?
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  1. Darling picture. I just looked through your blog and you really get a lot done with little ones around!

    1. :) It's sew or sleep. Sometimes sewing wins; sometimes sleep wins.

  2. Cute projects! I think the little dragon is pretty stinking cute. Looks a lot like you! Not doing any costume sewing this year. Can't handle it. ;-)