Thursday, November 23, 2023

Strippy Improv Holiday QAL - Week 2

 Hello and welcome back for Week 2 of the Strippy Improv Holiday Quiltalong! 

This week we're talking block creation. 

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This week I'm sharing piecing tips about some of the blocks; next week we'll cover adding the reverse applique background. 

1. Use the cut out background shape as a guide while you piece. Even though the shape is traced on your muslin, it can still be hard to envision how the piecing will look. For this ornament, I wanted to have light blue at the top and bottom, with a "band" of colored strips in the middle. Before I added in the gold cap, I laid the cut out background square on top to test placement.

2. Think about fabric choice before you piece. For the stocking, I knew I wanted one fabric to be the stocking cuff at the top, so I planned out placement in advance, and also made sure that the last strip (the cuff) went fairly "straight" across the top so it looked more cuff-like. 

3. Now is the time to embellish. Want to "trim" your Christmas tree? I did this using decorative stitches on my sewing machine. Any stitching you do should be before you add the background square. Same with the gingerbread "frosting" on the arms and legs - check out this week's YouTube video for specifics on how to apply those. 


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QAL Details: 
Sew along with me to create a holiday wall quilt or table runner before Christmas! I'll post once a week with tips and advice (plus that all-important accountability!) to keep us on track. These blocks are addicting...just wait and see! 
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Week 1: November 16th - Fabric and block selection
Week 2: November 23rd -  Making 2 blocks
Week 3: November 30th - Making 2 blocks
Week 4: December 7th - Assembly and Finishing

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