Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Make Your Own Message T-Shirt!

Happy Summer!

Back in May, my middle son, Jojo, came to me with an idea for a t-shirt he wanted to make. He said that when he walked through the hallways at his middle school, he'd often put his hand up for high fives. He wanted to make a shirt that said "Free High Fives" that he could just point to in the hallway. 

So we got started on our t-shirt project! 
We used HeatnBond Lite Fusible Adhesive from Thermoweb to fuse the letters to the t-shirt. Jojo created a tutorial for how to make this shirt; you can find it on the Thermoweb blog


So of course, after Jojo's t-shirt was complete, his younger brother wanted in on action. He wanted a shirt that said "Free Hugs, All Day Every Day" but I talked him down to "Free Hugs 24/7" because the other had A LOT of letters to cut out and stitch around. Then I decided that the oldest needed a shirt as well. He's a teenager, so his shirt is pretty self explanatory, right? 

I love these shirts - a simple way to add a smile to people's day. :) 

To make your own, follow the tutorial on the Thermoweb blog. Click here to download the letters for the other two t-shirts. 

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