Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Strippy Improv Holiday QAL - Week 2

How, oh how does December start tomorrow? It's good that Strippy Improv projects sew up quickly - you're on track to finish before the holidays begin! 

It's week 2 of the Strippy Holiday Improv Quilt Along, and this week we're talking block making! The pattern includes 5 block options - your choice which to make!

I've been sewing Strippy Improv Holiday blocks with my kids the last few days, and even though I've made A LOT, it always surprises me how quickly they come together! 

Let's talk about snowman and candy canes this week. 

Snowmen are great for digging into your low volume stash - so many different white prints to play with! You can also give your snowman personality by adding details - a scarf, coal for eyes and buttons, a carrot nose, and stick arms. Just keep contrast in mind - if you use a darker background (recommended), choose your hat and stick colors so they pop a bit!

To add a scarf, create two fabric tubes (I used woven plaid fabrics) and secure the ends of each under the snowman "neck" (see below) before you fuse the background in place. Make sure your stitch lines catch the scarf ends as well. I cut my tubes at about 3/4" x 4", folded in half wrong sides together, and stitched. Move the scarf pieces out of the way when you machine quilt. Later, I tied the scarf ends together and then frayed the ends to create fringe. 

Candy canes! 
First, make sure you flip the template for tracing onto muslin. This is not a symmetrical shape, so the candy cane needs to face different directions on the muslin and on the fusible web (this is addressed in the pattern too). 

Second, if you want your red and white to "swirl," you need to angle the fabric as you add strips. This will feel weird, but it works. 

These are my "oops" candy canes below - I forgot to flip the template, so now I have four candy canes - two that face left and two that face right! 

Have fun making your blocks! 
Next week, we'll talk trees, stars and ornaments, as well as how to embellish them!


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QAL Details: 
Sew along with me to create a holiday wall quilt or table runner before Christmas! I'll post once a week with tips and advice (plus that all-important accountability!) to keep us on track. These blocks are addicting...just wait and see! 
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Week 1: November 23rd - Fabric selection
Week 2: November 30th -  Making 2 blocks
Week 3: December 7th - Making 2 blocks
Week 4: December 14th - Assembly and Finishing
Purchase the pattern here.

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