Monday, May 2, 2022

Jungle Baby projects

Today over on Thermoweb's blog, I'm sharing my jungle animals appliques. These cuties have a long history - I originally designed a quilt for my oldest son's nursery using them, back in 2008 (scroll down to see). I've long wanted to turn that baby quilt into a pattern, and so I've created two different layouts for the appliques. (Pattern coming soon!) 
Which do you like better? 

I had a lot of fun quilting these two quilts. 

And here's the original version: 

My mom and I each stitched two patchwork animals. They are adorable and I will keep them forever, but I will probably never stitch anything like these again! I prefer 2-D sewing projects. :) 

I also used the applique shapes with a little Mod Podge on canvases to create wall art. 

All of this nursery decor has been packed away for many years, so it was fun to have this little walk down memory lane! 

Here's the bright plaid applique version I started as part of my tutorial. How do you think I should finish it? Pillow? Wall hanging? The start of a new baby quilt? 



  1. Your jungle animals are very cute! I love the way you made the canvas wall decorations, so clever!

  2. can't find the finishing instructions for the quilt and pillow..the jungle...

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