Monday, April 11, 2022

Nursery Blog Hop: Rhombi quilt + baby block tutorial + pattern sale~

I'm excited to be part of Michael Miller's Nursery Blog Hop! 
I have three boys at home, and while none are babies anymore (the youngest is 7), construction-themed fabric is right in my wheelhouse. When I saw the Diggers and Dumpers collection, I knew it would be perfect in my Rhombi quilt pattern. (10% off through 4/14!) 

How cute are these prints? I love the bright primary colors.

Purchase the Rhombi quilt pattern here. (10% off through 4/14)

My Rhombi quilt pattern highlights a large focal print--in this case, the construction equipment in the center and corners. Add in a few brightly colored prints (I especially love using a stripe), and this quilt sews up so quickly! I stitched this quilt top in one afternoon. The finished quilt measures 45" square.

I couldn't resist making baby blocks with the remaining fabric. That large focal print was just begging to be fussy cut for block sides! Keep scrolling for the tutorial to sew the baby blocks. 

And the perfect finishing touch? That cozy Minky on the back. My boys are fighting over who gets to use this quilt. 

Baby Block Tutorial
With prints these fun, who can resist sewing some stackable stuffed blocks? Adding a layer of interfacing helps the blocks to keep their shape. 

Here's how:

You'll Need: (to make 4 blocks)
1/2 yard focal print to fussy cut
1/4 yard each four coordinating prints
Fabric marking pen

From the focal print:
Fussy cut (8) 5-1/2" squares, each centering a motif

From the four coordinating prints:
(4) 5-1/2" squares from each print

From the Interfacing:
(24) 5-1/2" squares

Make the Blocks:
Step 1 Following manufacturer's directions, fuse an interfacing square to the wrong side of each fabric square. 

Step 2 Using a fabric marking pen, mark a dot 1/4" from each corner of each square. These will be your starting and stopping points for stitching. 

Step 3 Join six squares together as shown, starting and stopping on the corner dots. Back stitch at starting and stopping points to secure the stitches. The four squares in a horizontal row will become the "tube" and the top and bottom squares will become the top and bottom of the block. 

Step 4 Pin raw edges together to start forming a block shape, making sure to align corner dots. 

Step 5 Stitch pinned edges from dot to dot, creating an open box shape as shown. Don't forget to backstitch at starting and stopping points!
Step 6 Pin and sew the remaining edges, leaving a 3" opening along the last side for turning. 

Step 7 Turn the block right side out and using a turning tool to poke corners out as much as possible. Stuff firmly with fiberfill and handstitch the opening closed. Tip: Use a thimble to help push the needle through the interfacing. 

I really enjoyed sewing a couple cute projects using these fun fabrics! 

If you're new here, welcome! I hope you'll stay and look around a bit. 
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