Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Log Cabin Goes Wonky

When I saw the theme for September's Quilt Block Mania was traditional with a twist, I knew exactly what I was going to do - wonky log cabins are some of my favorite blocks to make! I love log cabins of any kind, but when you add a little wonky to them, each block turns out slightly different - log cabins with attitude!  

Here's my block: a center square and three rounds of wonky logs. It's almost like a Choose Your Own Adventure book--each time you add a log, YOU get to choose the angle for it--which affects what your block will look like! 

The tutorial for making this block is on my subscribers only page - if you receive my newsletter, you'll find the link in the latest email. If you don't yet, you can subscribe to the newsletter in the right hand sidebar and you'll receive an introduction email with the link. I hope you enjoy making it!

If you like the way wonky log cabin blocks look, good news! I've got three quilt patterns that use this technique. You can find them all in my Etsy shop, and this week they are 10% off using code WONKY10.

The quilt that started it all: Wonky Spirals

Just add stripes: ZuZu Squares

Combine improv and traditional piecing: Wonk Around the Block

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  1. this is wonderful. cant wait for it to come in my email. you are so right, a log cabin with attitude. LOL

  2. How do we get your block for september. I have tried several times and have never received an e-mail. Thank you