Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Twister, Meriwether Style!

About a month ago, I received these beauties from Art Gallery Fabrics--they're from the Naturewalk colorway of the new Meriwether collection. I used them to create a version of one of my patterns for the Meriwether lookbook. See the lookbook here!

My Meriwether wall hanging is made using my Twister pattern. I stitched four blocks to make a smaller version as wall art. I love the springy softness of these fabrics!

I knew these fabrics would work wonderfully with my Twister pattern because the Mandala print would be the perfect center for each block.

Another close-up. I enjoy quilting projects like this where it's easy to "fill" a space rather than having the wide open-ness of allover quilting. I also enjoy quilting small quilts--so much easier to manipulate!

Isn't that mandala fun?!

Here's the cover of my Twister pattern. Definitely a different look, isn't it? I love how fabric colors and styles can so completely change a pattern. The downloadable pattern is available here in my Etsy shop.

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