Tuesday, April 23, 2019

NEW ZuZu Squares pattern!

I finished this quilt top just in time! 

I'm calling this quilt ZuZu Squares. According to Urban Dictionary, the word "ZuZu" means "a beautiful, gorgeous, confident, and intelligent woman who never gives up on anything." And also "a slang term for goodies, candy, and/or snack foods." I think both of those definitions describe this quilt! 

The black and white skinny strips are pieced--they could also be made with a stripe if you want to do less piecing. 

I chose a variety of bright Painter's Palette Solids to use to make a super colorful Dr. Seuss-inspired quilt.

I used each color in each of the three spots (center, middle frame, and outer frame), mostly...a couple extra colors snuck in as well. This quilt is being quilted as I type this--I'll show photos when it's done.

You can purchase the pattern in my Etsy shop.

See the fabric requirements:

I'm teaching this pattern at a Great Lakes Modern Quilt Guild workshop on Saturday, April 27th--I can't wait! 

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