Friday, January 18, 2019

Introducing Blinky's Revenge (in Quilty!)

I'm excited to share my latest magazine feature, Blinky's Revenge. This quilt, made with Painter's Palette Solids, is featured in Quilty magazine. My original name for this quilt was the "cog" quilt because it reminded me of interlocking cogs. The Quilty folks thought the design reminded them of retro arcade games and named it accordingly. 

"Blinky's Revenge" featured in the January/February 2018 issue of Quilty magazine

Beyond the wonderfully vibrant colors, what truly makes this quilt is the quilting, and I have Diane Oakes to thank for that. She had fun with a variety of patterns and thread colors. I love how it all shows on the back!

The quilt has great texture on the front as well--alternating sections of wishbones and swirls, with a pebbly center. 

The Painter's Palette Solids colors I used (from the center out):
121-089 Island
121-149 Violet
121-003 Pencil
121-111 Patriot
121-164 Jolly
121-124 Carrot
121-031 Turquoise

See the Painter's Palette Solids here.

Find the January/February issue of Quilty magazine here.

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