Sunday, November 25, 2018

Leafy Cool Quilt with Jacquie's Favorites

I had some fun recently playing with Jacquie's Favorites, a curated selection of Paintbrush Studio's Painter's Palette Solids by Jacquie Gering. I've raved about the feel of these solids before, and with 168 colors, it can be challenging deciding which to use! I enjoyed working with a more limited palette chosen by such a master quilter! 

I created Leafy Cool, a 30" square wall hanging (or table topper, if you like). 
If you like it too, great news! The tutorial to make it is available on Paintbrush Studio's blog.  

Here's the cool palette from Jacquie's Favorites:

This is definitely "my" palette--I'm a teal and green girl. I didn't end up using all of the colors--I chose a more limited palette for my design. 

One secret about this quilt--it was inspired by a kleenex box! The box was covered in simple leaf shapes, some nested and some not, and I liked the idea enough to play around with it. I arranged the leaves to "burst" from one corner, which created a bloom effect with four blocks put together. 

This is the size quilt (30" square) that I really enjoy quilting on my domestic machine. It's small enough to be both manageable and maneuverable, so I can practice doing some "fun" things. I was inspired by Wendy Sheppard's quilting as I worked on this. 

I'm not usually big on applique, but I really enjoyed this--first, the shapes were easy to cut out, second, the quilt assembled pretty quickly, and third, I didn't need to stitch down each applique (my least favorite part) because I took care of that with the machine quilting. I just might have a future in applique after all...

See the entire Jacquie's Favorites collection here. (I'll be sharing a tutorial with the warm colors soon!)
Find the Leafy Cool tutorial here


  1. Wow, just gorgeous! Inspiration is everywhere isn't it? I once made a table runner inspired by a print on a paper napkin.

  2. Very pretty. I love the cool colors and the pattern. Thanks for the pattern link also.