Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hello, Star Crossing pattern!

I'd like to introduce you to my new quilt pattern, Star Crossing. 

This pattern is a good 9 months in the making. I designed it from digital swatches before the fabric was printed. The fabric became available in May, right around the time that our family started packing up our house for a year-long move to Florida. So I packed the fabric. In the "not-essential-and-therefore-arriving-in-FL-in-2-weeks" box. Which became 3+ weeks. Oops.

And let me tell you, I was itching to get this quilt made. When the fabric finally joined us in the Sunshine State, I cut and stitched Star Crossing in about three evenings. And here it is. (Now to quilt it...)

To make the Star Crossing quilt, I used Hoodie Crescent's Ring Ring collection from Paintbrush Studio. I love the vintage feel of these prints! The color palette and print selection are both broader than what you see here, but I picked three prints each of four different colors (pink, blue, green, and orange) to make this quilt. I may be a right-brained creative type, but I do like to keep my colors neat and orderly! :) 

 Love the adorable selvedge on these prints! (And my new Olfa rotary cutter and cutting board!)

All the pieces, cut and ready to be stitched.

The quilt in progress--cute little 6" square star blocks, one of three different sized star blocks in this quilt. I purposely aligned the prints so the pencil stripe would be pointing "out" in all the star points.

Want to make your own?
You can order your copy of my Star Crossing pattern here.

I also designed a free quilt pattern featuring Hoodie's Ring Ring collection for Paintbrush Studio. It's called Linked Up and you can download it here.

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