Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Heather Jones' Fly Away Class

Heather Jones lectured at our latest Great Lakes Modern Quilt Guild meeting (a cold, rainy Saturday...perfect to be inside talking about, viewing, and sewing quilts!). 

In the afternoon, we participated in her Fly Away workshop--a graphic quilt made of large-pieced blocks. 

I went out of my comfort zone, color-wise, for this quilt. I had yardage from Contempo Studio's Sevilla collection in gold, black, cream, and gray. I purchased a coordinating gold solid to go with these fun geometric prints. 

During the afternoon workshop, I got all of my half-square triangles stitched and laid out the quilt center on the floor: 

Right now, I have that entire center assembled. All that's left is to add the outer gold border. (It's hard to judge size from this photo--the finished quilt is 72" square!)
 I'm looking forward to quilting this using some of Jacquie Gering's walking foot machine quilting techniques. 

We also held a pincushion swap with the Oahu Modern Quilt Guild, and this was our meeting to drop off our pincushions. But--lucky us--the Oahu Guild's box had arrived that week, so we received our pincushions from Hawaii!

Here's the pincushion I made: 

Our pile of pincushions, ready to fly to Hawaii:

The pincushions we received from the Oahu guild:

Here's the pincushion I received, all made out of selvedges. Isn't it fun? 

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