Friday, March 3, 2017

QuiltCon Recap - part 1

The Hashtag quilt wasn't the only design I had at the show. I was asked to do two demos, so I created samples using the Painter's Palette Solids.

My first demo was Mod Illusions: The 3Ds of Quilts Made with Solids. The quilts you see below demonstrate the principles I talked about. 

Here's me, mid-demo. The Modern Quilt Guild provided me with a "Vanna" to hold up quilts while I talked. (thanks, Chelsea!)

Here's what the demo crowd looked like:

 And just to keep things real, here's a selfie from earlier that morning. I am a water girl, not a coffee drinker. But after a late arrival in Savannah the night before, I decided to sugar up with a chai tea latte. I noticed the lovely stain on my shirt after I got to the convention center. Yikes! Thankfully our hotel was right next door, so I could pop back and change before the demo! 

Here's the "In & Out Log Cabin" quilt, which shows how you can create the illusion of peaks and valleys with value changes. My friend Diane Oakes quilted it. 

A close-up of the quilting, which I love! 

My "Woven Hashtag" variation--a larger version of the block from the Hashtag quilt, but each strip uses four different values to create a gradated illusion. (Diane quilted this one as well.)

"Mod Tumber" - This might be my favorite. Short tangent here. When I first started quilting (17 years ago!), I fell in love with the tumbling block concept. Some wise soul suggested that not be my first quilt. The tumbling block ended up so far on the back burner that I didn't make it until this one. I love the 3-D effect here! And sidenote--if you're considering a tumbling block quilt, definitely use triangles for the black parts in my quilt rather than sewing Y seams! Much easier!

I sewed this quilt the day before I left for QuiltCon, so I quilted it myself. 

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