Thursday, February 16, 2017

Everyone's a Star Quilt Along

I'm part of the Everyone's a Star Quilt Along @Sewinlovewithfabric
Do you know what's great about a quilt along? The peer pressure. Five weeks to make the quilt. It's doable, and if everybody else is doing it, you can too! You won't end up with another half-finished quilt to hide in a drawer. 

Plus the design uses a variety of simple star blocks, and I don't know about you, but I love star blocks! And I love a quilt that doesn't require making the same block over and over again. If you're looking for a fun and easy star sampler quilt to make, give this one a try! 
I'm making the quilt using the Zentastic fabric collection.

Here's my digital rendering. I used the same white background print and black and gray coordinates in each block, and then chose one bright print as an accent. 
Scrappy, but organized. 

These are my Star #2 blocks--four different colors. 
You can find the tutorial for these blocks here.

The only difference in how I made the blocks is that I accounted for the black fabric in my quilt being directional, so when I cut the two black squares diagonally in half for each block, I cut them like this (note how the pattern runs in a different direction in each square): 

You definitely don't have to do this--if you're using a directional print, you can ignore that completely. But remember up above when I described my quilt as "organized scrappy?" Yep. That "organized" bit compelled me to make sure all of my black pieces run in the same direction! 

If you're just catching onto the Quilt Along, here are my Star #1 blocks. 
You can find the tutorial here.

Here's the cutting chart. Click here for a printable pdf. 

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