Wednesday, September 7, 2016

OMG: Venturing into 3D sewing?!

I don't do 3-D sewing. Or at least I don't usually like to--especially clothing. About 6 years ago, I made a tinkerbell costume for my niece. It turned out all right, but I swore off sewing clothes at that point.

I have three boys of my own, and a total of seven nephews and only three nieces. So there aren't many dolls or much girly-ness in my house. My youngest niece got her first doll for Christmas, and this summer my sister-in-law asked me if I could fix the dress the doll came with, as it was falling apart. The dress, shown below, wasn't really fixable. The fabric was pretty much shredding. 

So I've decided to pull out some of my "girly" fabric and sew two dresses for my niece's doll. Very simple dresses. Not like the fairy costume! :) 
Sewing two dresses is my September One Monthly Goal

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  1. This looks like fun! The fabrics are pretty and I am sure your niece will appreciate the upgrade!