Saturday, March 5, 2016

March One Monthly Goal

If you saw my last post, you likely won't be surprised to see what my March One Monthly Goal is. 

My goal is to get this quilt assembled--what you see here plus a top and bottom border--ideally before our guild meeting on the 15th, but barring that, at least by the end of the month to meet this goal!

But I actually have a second show and tell related to this project. 

I have been cutting out more black and white squares for the top/bottom borders and have started sewing them together in pairs. But at the same time, I decided I wanted to see what the second version would look like, so I took this first version off the wall and auditioned version #2. (If you missed the last post, I have two 25-patch blocks of each color, so I'm assembling them into two lap-size quilts in all their rainbow glory.) 

For this second version, I wanted to create the idea of blocks as puzzle pieces, interlocking. So I'm adding in the appropriate color squares as sashing between blocks (all cut Friday evening) and then am going to turn the sashing squares (empty holes in the photo) into more white stars, with wonky points extending into the sashing. 

In all honesty, after seeing this on the design wall, it might be too busy and might have been easier to simply go with solid white sashing. But the beauty of a scrap quilt like this is I can try something that I might not be in love with and reserve the "safe" choices for a quilt I have more invested in. 

I'm actually hoping to get both of these quilt tops assembled in March, but since One Monthly Goal is just that--ONE--I only have to commit to one!

p.s. If you're really looking closely, you may have noticed that I have the blocks in the same position in both quilts. I tried to go with a different layout for the second quilt, but came back to this one because I felt it had the best balance of light and dark as well as keeping similar colors separate. Really going out on a limb, aren't I? 


  1. Good luck with your goal! Looking good!

  2. Love these blocks and can't wait to see the finish. May just have to go and get sewing my scraps.