Saturday, May 2, 2015

Soon we'll be sleeping under this!

I recently got my new bed quilt back from my friend Sharon Brule, who did an absolutely amazing job quilting it. I wish these photos did the quilting justice.

Here's the original quilt top, which I started piecing in 2006 and finished in 2011. Sharon quilted it so that each square or rectangle you see in the quilt top has a separate quilting design--many geometric, but some with swirls or bubbles. 

And here's the back side. I wanted to make it double-sided so that I had variety and wouldn't be tempted to make a bed quilt again soon. :)

And here are some close-ups so you can admire the quilting:

Didn't she do a beautiful job?!?! I have the binding fabric for it (a Kaffe stripe), and finishing this quilt it next on my to-do list!
Then I'm going to buy some new sheets. What color sheets do you think I should get?


  1. Quilting is fantastic! Wonder if there is a celery sheet out there...yellow-green?

  2. luv it-simple but exquisite quilting and fabric make it soo special! wondering what to do with my kaffe stash! hmm... maybe this is the answer!

  3. I love how it is quilted. It looks beautiful. You both did a great job.