Saturday, April 11, 2015

Curves class

 Back in January/February, I took the Curves Class that Rachel was offering over at Stitched in Color. It's an online class full of techniques and projects for using those techniques--a great opportunity to practice curved sewing of all kinds! I also convinced my mom to take the class. Below is some show and tell from both of us--we ended up doing several of the same projects!

My scalloped bunting:
This project was serendipitous because I didn't have a window treatment for the baby's room and really didn't feel like making one. However, a cute little scalloped bunting in the fabrics used in the baby quilt and bumpers was the perfect window decor!

 Mom's scalloped bunting--a baby gift for a friend:

My curved runner in the works, made with batik scraps:

The four "rows" before assembly:

My finished runner top:

Mom's finished runner top, made with solids:

Next up was the scalloped pillow. Here are some of Mom's cut out pieces:

Auditioning placement on the pillow square itself:

And her finished pillow:

She made the pillow for the family room using scraps from the quilt below, which is also in the family room. I love the way this quilt looks (ok, I may have helped pick out the fabrics, which is part of why I like it!). You can find out more about this pattern and see my version of it (which now, seeing Mom's, I don't like as much!) here.

My cut out pieces for the scallop pillow:

Auditioning placement:

I ultimately decided that I didn't like the lights/neutrals, so my finished pillow is all quasi-solids:

I did one more project than Mom--I also tried the scallop quilt. I struggled a fair amount while making this quilt--uniformity was fairly key, and let's just say that my curves weren't quite uniform! :) I'm looking forward to quilting this one--any ideas on what type(s) of motifs to use?

If you have the opportunity to take Rachel's class, I recommend it--so many inspiring projects to try with your newfound understanding of curves sewing techniques!

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  1. Goodness! All of the things you've shown are beautiful, but I particularly like your curved table runner and your mom's pillow - awesome!!!