Thursday, August 28, 2014

August ALYOF Goal: complete!

This month might have been my earliers ALYOF goal completion ever...although you wouldn't know it since I'm not actually blogging about it until the very end of the month! 

I've mentioned a couple times that my due date for baby #3 was in August, and I wanted to get my goal (quilting the quilt you see below) done before the baby came, figuring life might get a little crazy afterwards. 
And guess what? I did get it done. About a week before this little guy arrived:
(My mom and I sewed the animals before my first son was born, back in 2009. They are part of my  nursery decor, so I couldn't resist a little photo shoot today of Mr. B., who is one week old!)

Oh yeah, back to the quilt. I pebble quilted all of the white areas except the outer border, which I really liked and actually enjoyed doing. The quilting on the colored parts of the disappearing ninepatch squares as well as the outer border is a back and forth wavy line. It works fine as a filler, but it's nothing exciting. However, I'm happy to have this done! Thinking my September goal might be to bind it...


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your new little man.

  2. Congratulations! He looks adorable!

  3. Very cute! Congratulations on the arrival of Mr B!

  4. Oh cute! Love little man! Boys are the best.
    My baby boy is 7 months old now, and his two big brothers adore him. Baby loves to stuff fabric and quilts in his mouth and play peekaboo with my quilts.