Friday, May 2, 2014

Ahhh...a finish

So satisfying!!!

Back in February I started a quilt for a friend of mine recovering from a stroke. Finishing piecing the top was my March ALYOF goal, and I did that, and even got it basted and started quilting before the month ended. I'm happy to say it's done and with its new owner!

Here's a photo before washing: I did 3 lines of straight quilting per yellow zigzag row, and then I did a zigzag-wide up and down squiggle in the batik rows. I used the leftover backing fabric as the binding. It was that or a pieced yellow solid binding, and I let my 5-year-old choose. :) 

Here's a close-up after washing. Definitely some crinkles, which help to hide the quilting imperfections. I'm enjoying imagining my friend snuggled up under this quilt with her husband or kids--my way of sending a long distance hug to her.


  1. very nice quilt ans such a thoughtful gift!
    great binding choice!!!

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  3. Love how it turned out! Binding almost looks stripe!

  4. Beautiful quilt! I am sure it is a very appreciated warm hug for your friend. I love the colors and the binding is awesome!!

  5. The colors in this quilt are AWESOME! Love the layout and the quilting! Beautiful quilt for your friend :) I hope she is recovering well.

  6. Love your quilts :) soo bright and colorful. The stain glass one was awesome to. Keep up the good work.