Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last one for the year: December ALYOF goal

It's December, and my A Lovely Year of Finishes goal is not Christmas-themed (it could have been, but those projects HAVE to get done, and this one isn't as crucial, so I'm upping the ante by making this baby quilt my December goal. 

Let me start with a bit of a timeline. In 2005, I attended my first Sample Spree at Quilt Market. I made it to the Moda table before they sold out (a feat in itself!) and bought a fat quarter bundle of some beautiful woven plaids and stripes. 

Fast forward 6 months and my first niece was born. I knew exactly what fabric to use to make her a quilt. (no photo...this was before I had a digital camera!)

In 2009, her younger sister was born. I had enough of that fat quarter bundle left to make a similar quilt for her, using the Yellow Brick Road pattern:

Now it's 2013, and there's a new little sister (yay!). I don't have much of the bundle left, but I wanted to sew a quilt that would coordinate with the other two a bit. I bought the fabrics on the right to go with my 2 remaining fat quarters and scraps from the original bundle.

I'm not making another Yellow Brick Road quilt, though. Here's my plan: 3 rows of pennant-type flags (allowing me to use some of the smaller leftover scraps)

Surrounded by four-patches:

This is as far as I am right now; my goal is to finish the top by the end of the month so I can "give" it to my niece when I see her (and then take it back to quilt it!). We don't live nearby, and most of my quilt gifts to this family have been mailed, so I'm looking forward to giving it in person!


  1. Lovely fabrics - I am a plaid girl and one of my first quilts was made using similar colours to yours and I gifted it to my sister :) The pennants looks great!

  2. She will be so excited. I love both of your projects.