Thursday, June 27, 2013

Curve should be a four-letter word

Tonight my studio was block central. And the curves almost did me in, wonky or not. 

Let me explain. I signed up on the wait list to join do. good stitches back in February or March. In May, I was invited to join the Believe group. (If you're not familiar with do. good stitches, click here. In a nutshell, quilters come together through Flickr to contribute 2 blocks each month for charity quilts. It's very cool and seems to be well-organized, as well as churn out a steady flow of charity quilts, which is fantastic.) Needless to say, I was excited! 

Here are May's blocks, which I never got around to posting. 

The June block request was for a wonky bullseye based on a block in the book "Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters." Doing more curved piecing has been on my to-do list. Wonky curved piecing--even better, right?--it hides mistakes! Here are my blocks:

Nowhere in the directions for this month's blocks did I see the requirement that the block had to be flat, so I think I'm okay. This was tough! Add to that the color combo--a very cool gray, yellow and white palette was requested--but my stash is a little short on those colors, so I was afraid I wouldn't have enough! (Yes, it's a little ridiculous that someone who hosted a Shades of Gray fabric swap would be short on grays, but a) I used all of those up and b) they were only 5" squares!)

By the second block I was having more fun, and I definitely want to do some more curved piecing--will be looking for a class at one of my local quilt shops or perhaps Craftsy? I know there's room for improvement! If you tackle this block, here's my (learned-the-hard-way) advice: don't be stingy on fabric. Cut generous pieces for each curve and just deal with the waste/scraps. More wiggle room/room for error makes piecing these much more pleasant! I have seen a few of the other members' bullseye blocks on Flickr and I can't wait to see this quilt put together!

And the last blocks of the night, my Bowtie blocks for the Great Lakes Modern Quilt Guild. I volunteered to put together the online guild activities every other month when we don't meet. I posted this month's project last weekend and thought it might be nice to offer a visual aid, so here we go:

The assignment: Bowtie blocks using white solid/print/text backgrounds and warm colors. Confession time: I purposely picked warm colors because I gravitate toward cool colors and wanted to make myself work with something different. Thanks go the guild for unknowingly forcing me out of my color comfort zone! :) 
Can't wait to see everyone's at our meeting in a month! 

Back in April I showed my converging corners blocks for the guild meeting. Here's a quick floor picture of everyone's blocks together--looks great, doesn't it? One lucky person won these blocks and will be bringing back the quilt to show when she finishes it.

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  1. I love all your blocks. The fabrics are fantastic. I love your circle block. When I did mine I discovered a gentle curve helps them to be flat. However, your curves look gentle. I don't understand why you had problems. They look fine to me.

  2. I agree that wonky curved blocks are harder than they look. I used mine for a drawstring purse and it hides some of the bulkiness.

  3. Curves can be tricky! But worth it. I am in love with your bowtie blocks and am glad you challenged us with these colors!

  4. All of these are really fun, and I think your curved block is an exercise in courage--bravo to you! I am, and always will be, a fan of bowtie blocks--there's just something *mmm* about them! Finally, your last quilt, your log cabin, is beautiful. So much to see in this post!

    Elizabeth E.