Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blogger is not my friend tonight...

Is anyone else struggling with Blogger? The last few days, every time I start a post/upload photos/etc., a little yellow box pops up (constantly) and says that I have logged out from a different location. I haven't. I can't save anything, I can't get through a whole post, etc. Frustrating!!!
Google searches yielded suggestions to clear cookies and clear the cache, both of which I did, with no luck.
Any suggestions? Advice? Please????


  1. I have had problems too.. It dropped my profile when they switched over to what they call their new Face, I finally found the button to switch over to the old way, and in the process of redoing my profile. My blogging buddies were saying I was a NO REPLY .. weird. I will work with it later on some more after my Dots to Dots linky, I host tomorrow and I dont want problems. I am looking for someone to build me a blog too. I did all that cookie stuff too.

  2. :( So frustrating, isn't it? Hope you get it worked out after the Dots to Dots linky.

  3. I use Typepad, so can't help you. Sorry. I had some problems with Typepad lately, too, though. I wonder.....