Finished Quilt Gallery

I'll be adding to this in a slightly random and ongoing process!

Improv Herringbone; completed May 2014

An unnamed half-square triangle quilt I made out of a layer cake. 

ABC Quilt (pattern from Fabric Cafe, using Chenille by the Inch). 
The cutie in the overalls is my younger son. 

One of the first quilts I designed myself.

My first queen-size quilt.

My second quilt. (No, they won't all be numbered...just these first couple and then the order I made them in begins to blend together in my memory.)

My first "big" quilt. 

My first quilt. 


  1. I like your first quilt. So cute. for a baby?

  2. Your quilts are beautiful. What is the material for the aqua dot chevron quilt? I wonder if it's still available? Do you have a picture of the back of it? Sizes would be nice too if you don't mind. HST's and overall. Great work/